General provisions.
1.1 Present Agreement determines terms of use of materials and services of http// website (hereinafter referred to as Website, Site, online-store) by Users (Buyers)

1.2 This Agreement in accordance with Art. 633, 641, and Chapter 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine is a public agreement (offer) and is addressed to an indefinite range of people regardless of their status (individuals, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs) wishing to purchase goods from the online store http//

1.3 Because this Agreement is a public offer, by accessing the materials of the Website, the User (Buyer) is considered to have acceded to this Agreement.

1.4 The Website Administration (site owner http// and/or its authorized persons) has the right to change the present Agreement conditions unilaterally at any time. The new or amended Agreement shall become effective upon posting on the Website. If the User does not agree with the changes made, he/she is obliged to refuse access to the Website and stop using the materials and services of the Website.

1.5 The Buyer agrees with this public offer in general and without reservation when placing an Order on the Website.

1.6 The visitor (Buyer) agrees that all terms and conditions of this User Agreement are clear to her/him and he accepts it fully and unconditionally.

1.7 In case when Buyer making a purchase at the site, he/she receives a check in electronic form to his/her e-mail, which was indicated in the order form.

2. Confidentiality and Personal Data
The information provided by the User (Buyer) is confidential. The Administration of the site uses the information about the User (Buyer) for the purpose of the Orders of the Visitor (Buyer), if other purposes are not specified in this Agreement.

2.2 Filling data when purchasing goods on the Website http// Visitor (Buyer) voluntarily gives consent to the collection and processing of his personal data by the Website Administration with the following purpose: the data, which gives the Visitor (Buyer) during the purchase of goods on the Website will be used for processing of orders for the purchase of goods, receiving information about the Order, sending by telecommunications (e-mail, mobile communication) of advertising and special offers, as well as for the provision of information about the Order.

2.3 For the purposes provided by this paragraph, the Administration shall have the right to send letters, messages and materials to the postal address, e-mail of the User (Buyer), as well as to send sms-messages, make calls to the number specified in the application form, if it is necessary to perform the User (Buyer) order. The Administration has the right to record phone calls with the Visitor (Buyer) in order to improve the quality of service of the latter, to which the Visitor (Buyer) gives her/his unconditional consent.

2.4 The Visitor (Buyer) agrees to the use of cookie technology by the Administration. Cookies do not contain personal information and can in no way read the Visitor (Buyer) hard drive. Cookie files are used to improve the quality of services, including: to quickly identify the Visitor (Buyer); saving settings for the Visitor (Buyer), his personal preferences, tracking the status of the session of access Visitor (Buyer) and the trends typical to him. The administration also uses cookies for advertising purposes, including for managing ads on Internet websites. If cookie technology is disabled by Visitor (Buyer), the Administration does not guarantee the full functionality of the Website http// or some of its services.

2.5 The Buyer entitles the Administration to process its personal data, including: placing personal data in the database of the Administration (without further notice), to carry out lifetime storage of data, its accumulation, updating, changing (as necessary). The Administration undertakes to protect data from unauthorized access by third parties, not to distribute and not to transfer data to any third party (except transferring data to related persons, commercial partners, persons authorized by the Administration to perform direct data processing for the specified purposes, as well as at the mandatory request of the competent authority).

2.6 If the Visitor (Buyer) does not want to receive mailings about promotions, new products, etc, they have the right to reject it by sending a letter to the Administration.

2.7 The Administration is not responsible for the content and reliability of the information provided by the Visitor (Buyer) when filling in the data for the purchase of goods on the Website http// Visitor (Buyer) is responsible for the accuracy of the information specified when placing the Order agrees to all the risks associated with the unreliability of such information.

3. Ordering procedure, pricing, exchange.
3.1 The visitor (Buyer) can place an order on their own by clicking on the "Buy" and "Checkout" buttons or by calling the telephone number specified in the "Contacts" section. After registration of the order the Buyer will receive a notice of confirmation of the order, to the contacts specified when placing the order, and the availability of products or the expected date of receipt of goods in case of its absence. When ordering by phone the notification is made by telephone.

3.2 In case of unavailability of goods specified on the Site, due to technical problems, as well as for other reasons beyond the control of the Administration, the order is canceled in whole or in part, and the Visitor (Buyer) is informed by sending a notice.

3.3 By acceding to this Agreement and placing an order, the User (Buyer) confirms that he/she is familiar with the sections of the Website "Delivery and Payment"; agrees with them and understands them fully. The Administration reserves the right to change the term of delivery of the order with further notice to the user.

3.4 Visitor (Buyer) agrees that the price of the goods put by him to "Cart", its range and quantity will be relevant only at the time of the formation of "cart" and may change, if the purchase was not finally made by clicking on the "Checkout", "Buy".

3.5 The visitor (Buyer) agrees that the Product purchased by her/him is not subject to exchange and return in the following cases:

3.5.1 More than 14 calendar days have passed since the purchase of the Goods;

3.5.2. 14 calendar days have not passed since the moment of purchase of the Goods, but the Goods have been used, the package integrity and/or completeness is broken, there are no tags/price tags, etc.
- Goods are included in the list of goods which are not subject to return and exchange, according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №172 of March, 19, 1994 (in current edition), namely: non-food products: perfumes and cosmetics.

3.5.3. The Visitor (Buyer) refuses to provide photos or videos of defective and / or faulty in her/his opinion goods.

3.6 By this Agreement the User (Buyer) confirms his awareness that the exchange or return is only subject to new goods, which hasn't been used and has no traces of use: scratches, chips, abrasions, must be kept: the complete set of goods, the integrity and all components of the package, labels, factory labels and the Visitor (Buyer) has the original proof of purchase of the relevant goods. Violation of any of these paragraphs leaves the right for the Administration to refuse the Visitor (Buyer) to exchange or return the goods.

3.7 When ordering goods on the Website, the User (Buyer) confirms his/her consent to receive information about the production date and shelf life of products in the format provided by the manufacturer brand, in particular, by means of a batch code on the product packaging or other manufacturer's markings.

3.8 If the Visitor (Buyer) refuses the goods, the Administration shall refund the amount paid by the Buyer, except for the Seller's expenses for the delivery of the returned goods from the Buyer.

4. Limitation of liability of the Website Administration.

4.1 The Administration does not bear any responsibility for any errors, typos and inaccuracies, which can be found in the materials contained on this Website. The Administrationmaking every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented on the site of the online store.

4.2 Administration is not responsible for the statements and opinions of visitors (Buyers) to the Website, left as comments or reviews.

4.3 Administration is not responsible for any unlawful acts of the Visitor (Buyer) to third parties or third parties against the Visitor / Buyer.

4.4 Administration is not responsible for any damages, losses or expenses (actual or possible) arising from this Website, its use or inability to use.

4.5 For the above purposes, the Administration reserves the right to delete the information posted on the Website and to take technical and legal measures to terminate access to the online store of Users (Buyers), creating problems in the use of an online store by other Visitors (Buyers), Users (Buyers) in case of any dishonest abuse on their part when ordering goods that are not intended for their purchase, or visitors (Buyers), in violation of the Agreement. In this case, such blocking is carried out at the discretion of the Administration without further notification of such Users (Buyers).

4.6 The Administration of the Website, including:
4.6.1 Delays or failures in the process of the transaction caused by force majeure, as well as any case of failure in telecommunications, computer, electrical and other related systems.
4.6.2 Actions of transfer systems, banks, payment systems and for delays connected with their work.
4.6.3 Proper functioning of Website, in case if the Visitor (Buyer) does not have necessary technical means for its use, and also does not have any obligations to provide users with such means.

5. Exclusive rights.

5.1 All objects available through the services of the Website http//, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, video, databases, music, sounds and other objects (hereinafter - service content), as well as any content posted on http//, are the objects of exclusive rights of the Administration.

5.2 Use of content and any other elements of services is possible only within the functionality offered by this or that service. No elements of content of the Website http//, as well as any content placed on the Website services http// can be used in any other way without prior permission / consent of the right holder (the Administration). Use includes, but is not limited to: reproduction, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, display in a frame and so on. The exceptions are the cases directly provided by the legislation of Ukraine. The User's use of the content elements and any content for personal, non-commercial use is allowed with the condition of preservation of all the signs of copyright, neighbouring rights, trademarks and other notifications about authorship, preservation of the name (Rosy Drop) of the author/names of the right holder as it is, preservation of the corresponding object as it is. Exceptions are the cases directly provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

5.3 For all questions about rights, as well as with other questions and suggestions you can contact us by e-mail:
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